Guild Members are expected to:
  1. Promote honesty and integrity of Guild members with clients.
  2. Take pride in presentation and proper identification of antiques and collectable items.
  3. Foster interest in collecting antiques.
  4. Take an active interest in the Guild.
  5. Display professional conduct at all times.
  6. Promote friendship, goodwill and co-operation amongst Guild members.
  7. Take pride in personal appearance and manner and to convey the best possible image of the Guild.

If you're a dealer, why you should join the 
Victorian Antique Dealers Guild.
The Guild is a professional organisation well respected in the industry and by the public.
The Guild has served antique collectors and the trade for more than 40 years.
Members guarantee the description of antiques and collectables they sell.
Guild members must meet requirements of integrity, experience and knowledge of product and services they provide.
Guild members must be professional at product presentation and dealing with the public.
The Guild gives credibility to individual dealers.
The Guild will represent member's interest with advice and representations to various organisations.
Guild logo stickers are provided to identify member dealers.
Guild members are required to have been trading, in a professional manner, for a minimum of three years and must be registered Second-Hand dealers.
The Guild has a strong Customer Protection Policy which covers purchases from a Guild Member.
Guild members recommend other members business whenever possible.
Guild members assist in product finding and determining description and pricing.
Members look for opportunities to further the Guild's good name and reputation.
Guild members are active in the general community with volunteer antiques and collectables related events.
All Guild members are invited and welcome to join quarterly meetings, an evening of friendly and informal discussions over dinner.
The Guild likes to promote opportunities for educational functions for members and friends to further interest in antiques and collecting generally.
Enquires should be directed to any of the committee members listed on the website.
President:  ALAN DUNCAN
Secretary/Treasurer: GUY PAGE

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